Christmas Pudding with Alice Cooper

Every year DeVita loves to support Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding (12.13.14 – luv the date!) – this year was no exception. A great time & a great cause – thanks Alice!!! xo, DeVita






Meet the Maker

Howdy all you folks deep in the heart of Texas!  Get ready – DeVita’s own Cherylanne DeVita will be visiting select Central Market stores this week for their “Meet the Maker” event – August 13th-16th.  If you live in the area, make sure to stop by and say “hi”, get a makeover, and if you like, please take a “selfie” and post to our Facebook page – we want to hear from you, Texas!  So join us for an adventure – watch for daily pics of her journey across Texas, as she shares the story of DeVita with our neighbors to the east – Yee Haw!   xo, DeVita



More pictures

TEXAS ROAD TRIP - DAMeet the Maker in TeTEXAS ROAD TRIP - DAMeet the Maker Event
AUSTIN TEXAS - Here Meet the Maker eventTEXAS ROAD TRIP - DAMeet the Maker! Howd

Top 10 best selling DeVita Natural Skin Care Products 2014

Best selling natural skin care product

Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+

Spring Cleaning Time!

Amazingly, spring is here.  I’ve been working on several New Year blogs (!) that I just have not gotten finished yet (need to add them to my New Year’s Resolution list…! HA!).  Anyway – the year started with such a bang for us – Big Expo West show in March (takes a ton of prep!), and several other special events right on top of it – then all the other “to do’s” kept getting in the way – SOOO – there it is.

Now it’s May – so I thought I’d toss out a quick, little Happy “Spring Cleaning” Blog and make mention of our first ever Mom-a-Palooza EVERYTHING’s ON SALE sale –  in honor of Mother’s Day (you did get your mom something for Mother’s Day, right?!?).  Well if by chance you missed all the emails, Facebook postings, tweeting’s and such about our big sale – Not to worry!  It is going on through the month of May – so you have time to get in on it (and if you missed Mom’s Day – you can atone by buying her lots of DeVita – on sale!)

So – what should you buy? Many people ask me what our “Top 10″ Best Selling DeVita Natural Skin Care products are.  Well, for Spring of 2014 the list looks like this:


1)                  Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 (marked as top product at sunscreens 2014)

2)                  Solar Body Moisturizer SPF 30

3)                  Evening Rich Nutritional Moisturizer

4)                  Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser

5)                  Revitalizing Eye Lift Crème

6)                  Perfecting Time Moisturizer

7)                  Moroccan Rose Toner

8)                  Gentle Aloe Facial Scrub

9)                  Hyaluronic SeruGel 65% Serum (my personal fav!)

10)                Optimal Rejuvenation

And every one of those fabulous products is on sale now for 20% Off  – that makes for a great opportunity to “Spring Clean” your cabinets and read those labels.  Make sure you don’t have any products containing parabens, phenoxyethanol or other toxic ingredients.  Sometimes it’s hard to toss out products that you now know are harmful to you because of the cost involved.  But just think of it as an investment in your health  – the health of your largest organ – your skin!  And since we are running our big sale, replacing any toxic filled products with clean and natural DeVita products will be more affordable, and certainly more HEALTHY!  So a win-win – right??  YES!

And just maybe “cleaning out the cabinets and tossing products with toxic chemicals” was one of your New Years Resolutions for 2014.  If so, we are happy to help you cross one off of your list!  Happy New Year, Happy Spring Cleaning and Happy Skin!



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And the survey winners are…

Our fearless leader, Cherylanne DeVita, had fun reviewing all the great surveys you all sent in. She was excited to draw the winners names! You can see the beautiful Grand Prize Basket that our lucky survey participant, Keely, received (see photo). 1398366748351

Congratulations, Keely!

We appreciate you sharing your DeVita experience with us and your comments:

Keely said: “I love your products and I am so happy to have found a cruelty free, vegan brand I love!”

We also wish to congratulate our other 3 winners:
Michelle:  Winner of our DeVita Spa Robe -
Michelle said: “Absolutely love the purity of ingredients!”

Bren: WInner of our Prime Corrective -
Bren said: “I am so glad I discovered Evening Rich. The moisturizer cleared up my skin and helped my skin retain much needed moisture. The best part of this product is that it is completely vegan. Thank you!”

Cynthia:  Winner of our Prime Corrective -
Cynthia said that our Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser “is the perfect cleanser for me – it’s mild on my skin and I don’t break out into any rash”.

Thanks again to all who participated!  We are looking forward to doing this again soon, so if you did not win this time, there is always next time when we say… please take our survey!


Fall Greetings!

Anyone else struggling with how fast time is flying by? How did it go from “Happy Earth Day” to “Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Day”?!?  Seriously?  So okay, the holidays are upon us, whether we’re ready for them or not!

So way back in April (!), we had our Earth Day Tree People event. We were able to plant two groves of trees (each grove has five trees).  I’ve attached some photographs showing you our certificate honoring your support, and the plantings and such. We were very excited to be a part of the Earth Day event, and hope to do it again next year with even greater results. Mark your calendars for Earth Day 2014 and come help us plant even more trees!

Now back to Black Friday and Cyber Monday – I always struggle with these new “special” days, but they have become a fixture now. It’s great for sales and fun events, but it sometimes feels like they take the simple joys out of the holidays. But they do bring their own energy and excitement!  So we have embraced them, along with everyone else, and to that end, we are once again having another DeVita Black Friday – Cyber Monday Extravaganza!  We will be offering 30% off our entire website starting Black Friday and going through Cyber Monday!  Make sure to stop in to enjoy DeVita’s deepest discounts of the year!

Okay, now back to musing at the swiftly passing year!  2013 has been an especially busy one for DeVita. If you have been staying connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and getting our e-newsletters (hope you have been!), then you know that we are preparing to launch our brand-new baby line – Oh My DeVita Baby. We have been having so much fun giving birth to our cute little babies! They truly are a delight! We had so many of our DeVita fans ask us about doing a baby line, so we finally did it.  Now you and your baby & kids can enjoy safe, vegan, paraben free skincare!  Creating this new line has been quite involved.  We have had to create all new formulas, packaging, websites, Facebook page etc. etc. Hopefully you can find some time to visit our Oh My DeVita Baby Facebook page and give us a LIKE and share with your friends, Tweet etc – and watch for the website to go live. We are expecting a January 2014 delivery. I think right now we are experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions!

So as another roller coaster year rushes past, I think we all wish that we had somehow “felt” it more – relished it more. Paid more attention. Been more present. Today, being the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, it seems even more important.  The paying more attention part. Being more engaged. Because it really is so fleeting, this life that we all are blessed with. Such a brief time, and never knowing when our last curtain call will be. We really are just on loan to one another. So as we get ready to rush into yet another holiday season, and finish off another year, I wish for you (and me too!) more paying attention, more being present (less shopping for presents!), and more appreciation for the loved ones in your life and the simple pleasures of simply being.

Deep breath in, deep breath out – let the holiday madness begin!

xo, DeVita

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!  April 22, 2013 – can’t believe it is APRIL – anyone else suffering from whiplash due to how fast this year is going by?!?  The phrase “catching up” is taking on a mystical quality – some never achieved, lofty goal that is always dreamed of… that carrot out in front we keep chasing!  In my mind I’ve blogged every month since New Years day… well I started to anyway.  sigh.  But today I carved out some time on the side, away from the too busy days at work, so I can sit quietly and FINALLY get one finished.  Saved it for the very worthy cause of EARTH DAY!  Fitting, I think.  Lots of wonderful things have been happening for us at DeVita in 2013.  Hopefully your 2013 has been positive as well, and hopefully you have been following us on Face Book (LIKE us cuz we LIKE you!), Twitter and receiving our e-newsletters (  If you have, then you know all about our exciting involvement in the first-ever total Vegan/Veg fashion show for New York Fashion week this past February.  Vaute Couture, a vegan Fashion House, selected our absolute minerals color cosmetics to be the color line worn by all their runway models.  CNN and more covered this show, and it’s importance in the vegan movement – quite an honor to help and support this great cause.  We also had a very successful showing at the recent Health and Wellness Expo West in California.  The interest and excitement in DeVita was incredible!  Plus we have been busy with many other fun and exciting new products and projects as well – so for us the question has 2013 been Lucky “13” or Unlucky “13” – well we have to vote LUCKY 13!  We are so grateful!  :o)

Of course there have been some very “unlucky” things happening out side our immediate world, especially recently (Blessings to Boston – too horrible to believe).  Evil abounds no matter the year, and it is how we face the next day that truly defines us all.  Thankfully, our next day is EARTH DAY 2013.  We are choosing to focus on a positive action – TREE PLANTING!  We are very excited to work with TreePeople (visit to learn more) this Earth Day, and with your help, plant a nice big DeVita Grove in honor of our planet and our loyal customers!  For over 40 years, TreePeople’s tree planting mission has been to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable and to share the process as a model for the world.

So we are asking everyone to shop with us on line for Earth Day tomorrow (4/22/13).  We will count our sales for the day, and buy as many trees as we can based on our on line sales activity for Earth Day 2013.  TreePeople will send us a certificate noting how many trees they planted in the name of our Loyal DeVita Supporters and we will share that with you. So how big can we make our DeVita Grove?  Shop with us tomorrow, big or small, from Midnight to Midnight – it all counts toward our goal to plant, plant, plant!!!  We give thanks to you all, and to our beautiful planet – here’s to giving her more trees on Earth Day!!!

Earth Day factoids:

*First Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

*Earth Day founder – Senator Gaylord Nelson

*The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

*1970 fifteen-year-old Andy Lipkis is inspired to plant trees in a meadow nearby where he attends summer camp – this is the beginning of TreePeople.

See what one little positive action can do?  Amazing…  Happy lucky 2013 Earth Day!


Our Goal and The Progress Real Time Data:

100%  10 of 10

xo, DeVita



SO another year is coming to a close… and as it does, we all start to experience that Holiday rush, a kind of #Holi-DAZE, as I like to call it. That state of being bewildered, overwhelmed and over booked, which creates that “deer in the headlights” feeling that slowly comes over you as the minutes count down to the Big DAY(s)! That worry about not getting “it” all done builds, until you feel like you are in a DAZE – a Holi-DAZE! Of course, some of the Holi-DAZE can be attributed to the near diabetic comma that occurs from all the increased sugar and carb consumption (!) – OMG! But overall, I think it comes from our self-imposed, insurmountable “TO DO” list that we all have – I know mine is out of control – as usual! Why do we (I) do this?!? Must like it, I guess!

Well, here at DeVita we are all suffering, to various degrees, from Holi-DAZE. So, I thought I would try to pause for a moment and reflect on all that the year has brought to us as a company, and a country. Perhaps in reflecting, I will help to clear away some of my Holi-DAZE, and maybe some of yours, too (or not!).

2012 brought us some tragic losses, like Whitney Houston (what a voice!), Michael Clarke Duncan (what a voice!), Larry Hagman (I Dream of JR!), Ambassador Chris Stevens (what a waste!), Hurricane Sandy (omg!) and the Connecticut tragedy (no words). But it also brought us terrific wins, like our Fierce Five women’s gymnast team taking home the Gold in the London games, American Idol Phillip Phillips (love his song Home!), and DeVita being named on the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, plus being certified as a Woman Owned business (YAY!), and naming our first ever Face Book Fan Winner – Kristin Kozlowski (she won a $170. Evening Essential gift set!) – you gotta LIKE that! 2012 also brought us the California GMO initiative (we almost won – NO GMO’s!), William and Kate expecting, Gangnam Style, with it’s crazy win on YouTube hits (not deserved at all, in my humble opinion, as he also sings about how he hates all Americans and wants to kill us all! Well, thanks so much, Psy!). What else – #Iphone5 and #IPad3 came out and … (wait for it…) DeVita’s mythical BB Cream – Moisture TINTS spf 15 made it’s debut just the other day (gasp!). Well, now I’m certain the Mayan prediction of the end of the world #12.21.12 must be true! HA! Let’s see if we make it through tomorrow (I’m pretty sure we are stuck here!).

Seriously though, don’t let your Holi-DAZE blind you to what is really important this time of year. Try to stand back and take at least one deep breath and give thanks for the ones you love and all that is good in your life. Sometimes, the best gift we can give ourselves is the appreciation of the here and now. Do yourself a favor and turn off the news, and precious electronics for a little while, and try just connecting with the here and now –– We here at DeVita give thanks for all of you right now! Merry and Happy Everything to All and to All a good night! See ya next year (unless those clever Mayans were right)!!!

xo, DeVita