Renewed and Recycled

DeVita Natural Skin Care… Renewed and Recycled

Re-engineering of the DeVita brand was just the start. If the packaging was ok before, it leaps off the shelf now! We couldn’t be prouder of our new look. But as the cliche goes, beauty is more than skin deep. Here is why we are so excited by our package design(s).

First, we’ve designed our new packaging using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, further elevating the level of exclusivity of DeVita. Additionally, we have lined the boxes with fluting on most glass items to minimize breakage and it is also made with 100% post consumer recycled paper.

And the look? Just like the big girls on the block, DeVita now has a very consumer-inspired look, now printed on 100% recycled paper.

The boxes:
We have introduced one of our signature colors… elegant… exclusive… eggplant? Actually, black plum. In testing, these boxes created a unique emotional color response that deeply resonates with customers and allows the products to literally leap off the shelf, elegantly portraying quality through design. No more additional translations, soaking up space for the precious educational info we crave. Instead, there is the DeVita Story, a call out for the color cosmetic line, a full INCI disclosure of ingredients, all of the environmental info of the packaging and our newest feature that shares the vision of DeVita with every reader.

Of course, we have not omitted directions, any cautionary information, FDA regulatory info, expectations, etc. The following products are now in recyclable non-leaching tubes! Both flavors of Shea Butter Hand and Body Brulees (these items will also be made available as new SKUs in 3 oz. as well as the regular 6 oz. tubes), DeVita BodyBlock 30+ Sunblock, and the Gentle Aloe Facial Scrub. Additionally, our mask products are now available in 3 oz. tubes(!) while the 8 oz. glass jars will also remain available.

Any inserts needed in boxes to further educate with regard to a product has been printed on paper made from a calcium carbonate ,  aka: Rocktree-free paper! Use of 100% recycled cardboard and paper, #2 PET and rock paper allows for a 100% Recycled and Recyclable line of products. Box bottom icons include our PETA designation, the Euro symbol (looks like a jar) for the number of months this product can live without fear of rancidity, the Made in America with the U.S.A. designation, a mark which looks like someone reading a book indicating additional educational material is available either on the inside of the box or on our website, and of course, the recycled symbol.

We are proud of the new DeVita. It’s been completely over-hauled and ready to be thrown away properly, but never forgotten.