Fab Five Skin Care Tips

Are your lifestyle choices sabotaging your skin?


Your skin is your largest organ and everything you do in your life eventually shows up there on display. All the imbalances, the fast food diet washed down with soda pop, the skipped veggies and fruits in favor of the donut and coffee, always being stressed and on the run after only a few hours of rest – this all translates into distressed skin. Top it all off with too much sun exposure, toxic tanning beds, smoking, and excessive alcohol use, and you have a recipe for unhealthy skin!

Here are five things to do (or never do!) to protect the skin you’re in!

1. Eat Your Veggies! Sorry, but your mom was right! Eating whole fresh fruits and vegetables (organic if possible) and limiting sweets and processed foods will definitely be appreciated by your skin. Think cherries, almonds, walnuts, citrus. If you have dry skin, eat more flaxseed oil, olive oil, and virgin coconut oil. Also enjoy avocados – very healthy and delicious!

2. Remember to exfoliate regularly. This helps to remove the dead outer skin layer so it can be replaced by fresh new skin cells. It also allows for better treatment and moisturizer penetration. Exfoliation is a forgotten step by most and it really makes a difference!

3. Always wear a full spectrum sunscreen (30 spf at least). Nothing ages you faster than the sun – so protect those fresh exfoliated skin cells every day!!! Even when the sun is behind the clouds – you get even more hostle exposure on cloudy days than clear. So put on your shot glass full of sunscreen and reapply about every 90 minutes if you are out and about having fun in the sun!

4. Get your ZZZ’s! The old saying “getting your beauty sleep” is 100% correct! Your skin does so much repair work at night, and if you cheat yourself on sleep you are cheating your skin on its down time to repair and detoxify. So try for 8 hours or as close as you can get – Sweet Dreams!

5. Stay hydrated with fresh water – not soda, not tea, not juice (of course you can have those things in moderation, but not in place of water!). Just think how your skin and hair would look if you only took a shower in soda pop – you would be a sticky, dirty mess very shortly. That is what your insides look like if you only drink sugary drinks and pop, and what is on your insides very quickly transfers to the outside. So drink plenty of fresh water all day long and your skin (and everything else!) will say “THANK YOU!”

These are my five top recommendations for skin rejuvenation and maintenance – there are many more such beauty tips, tricks, and techniques, and you can find them on our DeVita Style page under… you guessed it – Beauty Tips Tricks and Techniques (!) This feature section will have the latest and greatest of “How To’s”, so check it out soon and often to see what else you can do to protect the skin you’re in.


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