Rockin’ that Vegan Thing!

      114 today in Arizona – that’s HOT – and we have continued hot, with widely scattered HOT expected till October!  In fact, it’s too hot to write much!  So I figured what better way to embrace all this HOT, but to celebrate one of our HOTTEST DeVita Diva fans – Gretchen Menn!!!

      We love our honey-vegan, rock star guitarist Gretchen, and she loves us right back!  She has graciously shared her talented self with us, and we are sharing her with you!!!  She is featured on our Home Page modeling a very HOT avant-garde red “jacket”, photographed by Larry DiMarzio. It looks like real leather…. But, have no fear little animals, it’s not!  It’s totally vegan and comes from a company called Mother of London.  Gretchen also has a great video featuring her Oleo Strut – check it out –  – Impressed?  We were!  You can see more of her talented self at  That beautiful face is protected by our DeVita skin care products, and she has also been getting to know and love our new absolute minerals color cosmetics line too – Gretchen recently told us – “As a vegan who is also a performer, it can be very challenging to find makeup that works for my ethics as well as for the stage and camera.  DeVita has been my favorite skincare for years, and I’m overjoyed now to be able to get DeVita cosmetics, too!”

   We have been hearing a lot of great compliments on our absolute minerals color cosmetics line (thank you!).   People are really responding to the high level of luxury, elegance and performance found in our natural color line.  It really is the natural version answer to the high-end department store brand of cosmetics.  All the prestige, none of the pollutants!   We really have made it possible to safely enjoy cosmetics again – you truly do not have to poison yourself to be pretty!   And when you need to do some discreet “repair work” after a fine dining experience, you don’t have to be embarrassed by what you pull out of your handbag, because DeVita has proven that natural beauty does not have to come in a burlap bag, or cheap plastic tube!   So whether you are on the stage, like our Gretchen, or just having a nice dinner out with that special someone – Remember: Natural girls can still have style and grace, even while protecting their face!

      So stay cool and classy for what is left of this hot rockin’ summer!

      xo, DeVita

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