Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!  April 22, 2013 – can’t believe it is APRIL – anyone else suffering from whiplash due to how fast this year is going by?!?  The phrase “catching up” is taking on a mystical quality – some never achieved, lofty goal that is always dreamed of… that carrot out in front we keep chasing!  In my mind I’ve blogged every month since New Years day… well I started to anyway.  sigh.  But today I carved out some time on the side, away from the too busy days at work, so I can sit quietly and FINALLY get one finished.  Saved it for the very worthy cause of EARTH DAY!  Fitting, I think.  Lots of wonderful things have been happening for us at DeVita in 2013.  Hopefully your 2013 has been positive as well, and hopefully you have been following us on Face Book (LIKE us cuz we LIKE you!), Twitter and receiving our e-newsletters ( http://www.devitaskincare.com/list/).  If you have, then you know all about our exciting involvement in the first-ever total Vegan/Veg fashion show for New York Fashion week this past February.  Vaute Couture, a vegan Fashion House, selected our absolute minerals color cosmetics to be the color line worn by all their runway models.  CNN and more covered this show, and it’s importance in the vegan movement – quite an honor to help and support this great cause.  We also had a very successful showing at the recent Health and Wellness Expo West in California.  The interest and excitement in DeVita was incredible!  Plus we have been busy with many other fun and exciting new products and projects as well – so for us the question has 2013 been Lucky “13” or Unlucky “13” – well we have to vote LUCKY 13!  We are so grateful!  :o)

Of course there have been some very “unlucky” things happening out side our immediate world, especially recently (Blessings to Boston – too horrible to believe).  Evil abounds no matter the year, and it is how we face the next day that truly defines us all.  Thankfully, our next day is EARTH DAY 2013.  We are choosing to focus on a positive action – TREE PLANTING!  We are very excited to work with TreePeople (visit http://www.treepeople.org to learn more) this Earth Day, and with your help, plant a nice big DeVita Grove in honor of our planet and our loyal customers!  For over 40 years, TreePeople’s tree planting mission has been to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable and to share the process as a model for the world.

So we are asking everyone to shop with us on line for Earth Day tomorrow (4/22/13).  We will count our sales for the day, and buy as many trees as we can based on our on line sales activity for Earth Day 2013.  TreePeople will send us a certificate noting how many trees they planted in the name of our Loyal DeVita Supporters and we will share that with you. So how big can we make our DeVita Grove?  Shop with us tomorrow, big or small, from Midnight to Midnight – it all counts toward our goal to plant, plant, plant!!!  We give thanks to you all, and to our beautiful planet – here’s to giving her more trees on Earth Day!!!

Earth Day factoids:

*First Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

*Earth Day founder – Senator Gaylord Nelson

*The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

*1970 fifteen-year-old Andy Lipkis is inspired to plant trees in a meadow nearby where he attends summer camp – this is the beginning of TreePeople.

See what one little positive action can do?  Amazing…  Happy lucky 2013 Earth Day!


Our Goal and The Progress Real Time Data:

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xo, DeVita


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