SO another year is coming to a close… and as it does, we all start to experience that Holiday rush, a kind of #Holi-DAZE, as I like to call it. That state of being bewildered, overwhelmed and over booked, which creates that “deer in the headlights” feeling that slowly comes over you as the minutes count down to the Big DAY(s)! That worry about not getting “it” all done builds, until you feel like you are in a DAZE – a Holi-DAZE! Of course, some of the Holi-DAZE can be attributed to the near diabetic comma that occurs from all the increased sugar and carb consumption (!) – OMG! But overall, I think it comes from our self-imposed, insurmountable “TO DO” list that we all have – I know mine is out of control – as usual! Why do we (I) do this?!? Must like it, I guess!

Well, here at DeVita we are all suffering, to various degrees, from Holi-DAZE. So, I thought I would try to pause for a moment and reflect on all that the year has brought to us as a company, and a country. Perhaps in reflecting, I will help to clear away some of my Holi-DAZE, and maybe some of yours, too (or not!).

2012 brought us some tragic losses, like Whitney Houston (what a voice!), Michael Clarke Duncan (what a voice!), Larry Hagman (I Dream of JR!), Ambassador Chris Stevens (what a waste!), Hurricane Sandy (omg!) and the Connecticut tragedy (no words). But it also brought us terrific wins, like our Fierce Five women’s gymnast team taking home the Gold in the London games, American Idol Phillip Phillips (love his song Home!), and DeVita being named on the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, plus being certified as a Woman Owned business (YAY!), and naming our first ever Face Book Fan Winner – Kristin Kozlowski (she won a $170. Evening Essential gift set!) – you gotta LIKE that! 2012 also brought us the California GMO initiative (we almost won – NO GMO’s!), William and Kate expecting, Gangnam Style, with it’s crazy win on YouTube hits (not deserved at all, in my humble opinion, as he also sings about how he hates all Americans and wants to kill us all! Well, thanks so much, Psy!). What else – #Iphone5 and #IPad3 came out and … (wait for it…) DeVita’s mythical BB Cream – Moisture TINTS spf 15 made it’s debut just the other day (gasp!). Well, now I’m certain the Mayan prediction of the end of the world #12.21.12 must be true! HA! Let’s see if we make it through tomorrow (I’m pretty sure we are stuck here!).

Seriously though, don’t let your Holi-DAZE blind you to what is really important this time of year. Try to stand back and take at least one deep breath and give thanks for the ones you love and all that is good in your life. Sometimes, the best gift we can give ourselves is the appreciation of the here and now. Do yourself a favor and turn off the news, and precious electronics for a little while, and try just connecting with the here and now –– We here at DeVita give thanks for all of you right now! Merry and Happy Everything to All and to All a good night! See ya next year (unless those clever Mayans were right)!!!

xo, DeVita

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