Hot Sun, Burning Topic…

When summer rolls around, invariably there are a rash of sunscreen “terror” articles.  And it seems this year was no exception.  The research causing concerns this year comes out of the Missouri University of Science & Technology.  Now we are big supporters of valid, substantiated research and development.  We are constantly striving to learn, grow and improve as needed.  However, this time, as in the past, it seems the research testing here was preliminary at best. But, no matter how preliminary the “possible” findings are, this type of research sparks a plethora of articles with very scary titles, such as – Sunscreen ingredient may pose skin cancer risk, researchers find” – (omg – now I have to worry about my trusted sunscreen too?!?  Plus lead in lipsticks (!), GMO’s, AND running with scissors…!!!). Of course these article titles are great attention grabbers, and they are really good at causing a sensation, but ultimately, I think they cause more harm than good.  Especially when a very important qualifying word gets left out of the scary title – that missing word: “Nano”.  This one word qualifies the whole article to be about a specific type of ingredient technology – nanoparticle zinc oxide to be exact.  But the article title did not include that word, and so consequentially, safe, non-nano zinc oxide gets a bad rap too – guilt by association (this is the same type of thing that happened two years ago with our very safe plant based Vitamin A – which is NOT a danger – the research even stated that plant based Vitamin A was safe, but the damage was done and now everyone is terrified of Vitamin A in any form – omg!).  And so then calls come flooding in with concerns about our safe, non-nano DeVita solar products, and so then rebuttal blogs must be written, and stands must be taken, dogs must chase cats (…and I’m thinking about running with scissors right about now!) aaaahhhhh!

OK – so here are the basics of the research (wonder no more!), as quoted from the afore mentioned article from MUS&T News & Events page May 7, 2012 9:41 AM.

“Ma studied how human lung cells immersed in a solution containing nano-particles of zinc oxide react when exposed to different types of light over numerous time frames. Using a control group of cells that were not immersed in the zinc oxide solution, Ma compared the results of light exposure on the various groups of cells. He found that zinc oxide-exposed cells deteriorated more rapidly than those not immersed in the chemical compound.

Even when exposed to visible light only, the lung cells suspended in zinc oxide deteriorated. But for cells exposed to ultraviolet rays, Ma found that “cell viability decreases dramatically.”

When exposed to ultraviolet long-wave light (ultraviolet A or UVA) for 3 hours, half of the lung cells in the zinc oxide solution died. After 12 hours, 90 percent of the cells in that solution died, Ma found.”

“More extensive study is still needed,” May say’s. “This is just the first step.” In the meantime, Ma advises sunbathers to use sunscreen and to limit their exposure to the sun. “I still would advise people to wear sunscreen,” he says. “Sunscreen is better than no protection at all.”

SO – there it is. Again, the main point to note is that this study was about NANOSCALE ZINC OXIDE, which is a very specific type of technology (ingredient) that DeVita does not use.  This point alone makes all the difference.  Period.

And while this research might be unclear  – one thing remains crystal clear: Skin cancer is a proven killer, and not wearing sunscreen can contribute to skin cancer.  Just remember the final recommendation given by the researcher:  “Sunscreen is better than no protection at all.” Just make sure your sunscreen protection is a natural, non-nano product like DeVita.  And also be sure to wear a hat, and sunglasses, and stay out of the direct sun from 10am – 2pm… and, oh – wear your seatbelt, eat lots of organic fruits n’ veggies, and make sure to get enough sleep, don’t smoke or run with scissors (or run with scissors while you smoke!) … but most importantly – Wear Sunscreen!

(I just loved that song!)

Here’s to a safe and protected summer everyone – 

xo, DeVita

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