Independence Day 2012

Just a few thoughts as we get set to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow – Images of backyard BBQ’s, hot dogs (vegan if you’re me!), apple pie, Uncle Sam, Old Glory and fireworks!  All very Norman Rockwell. But if you have some spare time before or after the BBQ, take a moment to research George Washington and the Revolutionary war.  Remember all the effort and sacrifice that was made so that we can eat those hot dogs (vegan or otherwise!), and say what ever we want about our leaders, good or bad, without fear of persecution.  We should never forget what so many in our past gave, so that we could call ourselves “Americans” and enjoy our freedom, which came at such a high price (not so free!).  Have a happy and safe Independence Day, and to better understand those weird guys in the wigs, check out Thomas Paine’s bestselling pamphlet “Common Sense,” published in early 1776 – well worth the quick read – Happy Independence Day!!!  Huzzah!

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