Renewing DeVita

A Brand New DeVita

It was not long after we started DeVita Natural Skin Care that we realized our products were not only resonating with our customers but the skin care industry at large. Customers were excited by our alternative and we knew we had a purpose. Growing strong and steady, we were on track with something truly innovative. In a confusing sea of all-natural health and beauty aids, our proprietary fusion of naturally based, scientifically driven formulas were both inspiring and effective.

It wasn’t long afterward that there was evidence of a real need to both expand and compound our product line. Adding more formulas, more options and more opportunity to reach more people with a truly helpful, beneficial line of products so customers could pick and choose what worked best for them.

Listening to our customers we realized there was still a lot of ground to cover. But we heard you, we read all your (very honest!) feedback, accepted the constructive criticism and we made major changes. So – here we are, a new web site, a new look (no more plastic jars!), and a new color cosmetics line. And most importantly, an invigorated product line (we boosted certain products with cutting-edge age defying ingredients making them even better!) repackaged in beautiful recycled/recyclable eco-chic packaging that continues to provide the same trusted DeVita promise of helping deliver measurable, tangible results… naturally.

So – lots of exciting things happening at DeVita – with special emphasis on our new web site; built from the ground up to be your best online resource for one of the cleanest and arguably the most effective natural skin care product line to be found. Your feedback was the primary motivation for this new site. So here’s to all of you who gave us the input, the drive and the encouragement to keep creating and improving – Thank you and Congratulations! This site is as much your doing as it was ours. Welcome to 3.0!