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DeVita customer product reviews and testimonials are our most treasured thing!  We love to hear customer feedback.  Your product reviews and testimonials on our natural skin care range is truly the cornerstone and driving force behind much of our product development.  We take customer comments and opinions very seriously!  We use all your responses – both positive and negative to help us develop new products, inspire our research, determine a product’s success or shortcomings and guide our corporate culture and overall mission.

In short – your words matter!  You make a difference!  That is why we share input from customers just like you, right here.  So please, take a moment, and let us hear what you have to say about your experiences with our product.  Be sure to stay connected with us on our Facebook page, and our e-newsletter too, so that you can be included in our next formal product survey (you may even win a prize!)  – We truly want to hear what you have to say!


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  1. I have only ever bothered to write testamonials for two products in my lifetime, and Devita Acne Solution Pads is one of them. I’m in my late twenties, have very oily skin,and while I don’t have a lot of pimples , I have struggled with congested pores since I was a teenager. About a year ago I found Devita Acne Solution Pads and I LOVE them! These pads have basically changed my skin. My pores are so clean & practically invisible now. Plus I’ve noticed that the overall texture of my skin(even when congestion is not a problem) is smoother. Sometimes products meant to break down oil can be drying , but these pads never dry out my skin. I order these in multiples so I’m sure I’ll never run out- I don’t know what I would do without them. I just wish I had found them sooner.

  2. I just appreciate SO much you taking the time to explain things to me . That is great service, just confirms even more in my mind the quality and caring of your company. Thanks again!

  3. You are super helpful. I have never had anyone be so thorough and patient with me. I’m currently finishing up my last products,and am going to switch to Devita after that, in part because of your superior customer service. Thank you again so much. I look forward to trying all of you suggestions.

  4. I bought the face cream , and I think its an incredible product. Being a strict Vegan, I am thrilled to find a great item within my lifestyle requirements.

  5. I have just started using the Devita Tahitian Vanilla Bean Hand & Body Brulee this week and I have to tell you that this lotion is fantastic, not greasy at all and smells heavenly. You’ve found a customer for life on this.
    Jo Ann Ostrov – Minnesota

  6. My face has never looked better!! I am not a movie star or any kind of celebrity, just a person who has suffered from ugly skin for over 25 years. I have not worn any cover up in over 2 weeks. My husband said I look younger than the day he married me over 20 years ago. Thank you for what ever you have put in your products . I have no acne for the very first time.
    Mariette Gable – Sun City,CA

  7. Thank you so much for your receptiveness and responsiveness this afternoon regarding my ingredient question on your Solar Moisturizer 30. I have spoken with a number of other skincare companies, and none even come close to the service I received from you today. To call and be able to speak with someone immediately and then hear back from you within the hour with the answer to my question was sincerely appreciated. Also your demeanour is fantastic- it was so nice to speak with someone that took a sincere interest in my question and strived to help me get the answer.

  8. With my esthetician training , all I have done is study cosmetic chemistry for months. I have been picking up each product and reading ingredients . Much to my dissapointment even Natural product stores carry a lot of products that contain parabens, petroleum,mineral oil,propylene,glycol,PEG etc. I was becoming more and more frustrated and refuse to use products that are cancer causing. Then I came to your line, when I read the ingredients I stopped in my tracks. This is the type of the product that I have been looking for since the start of my training. I have been hooked on Devita ever since.
    Faith Jones

  9. The Solar Protection Moisturizer is amazing- I would never have believed a non chemical sunscreen could feel so light on my skin. It is such a job these days to find anything without silicones, ( silicones heavy formulations cause very painful breakouts to my skin) so this is just wonderful.
    Lydia Chown – England

  10. This isn’t something that I’d normally do but I had to let you know that your producst have truly revolutionized my skin!! I’ve struggled with adult acne for 10 years, and I’ve tried everything – over the counter stuff, infomercial products, and everything that my dermatologist recommended. I was about to try Acutane, but as a last ditch effort, went to Vitamin Cottage in search that could help me without ruining my liver. I was drawn to Devita for the simple ingredient list and affordable price. I’ve been using the Devita line now for 3 months , and my skin is as smooth as glass, clear and radiant. I absolutely love it, and the fact that it fits my budget makes it even more wonderful. Thank you, thank you , thank you !!!
    Eve Stratton – Fort Collins,CO

  11. After 20 years of being enslaved to chemical filled products I discovered Devita ! Your Tomato Leaf Mask clarifies my almost 40 skin and your 65% Hyaluronic SeruGel moisturizes my skin without oiliness giving it a wonderful tone and radiance. No dermatologist or esthetician could help with the acne prone skin that was dry. Wow,fantastic,effective , pure products that I am grateful for. Please keep up the great work – we need you!
    Neeta Dave – Los Angeles,CA

  12. Thank you so much for making it easy to choose skin care products. I am 56 years old and have been searching for many years to find skin care products that are good for your skin and don’t contain all the harmful additives! Thanks to Devita my search is over since your products pass all my ingredient standards. So far all the Devita products that I have tried have been outstanding. Also thanks for making such quality products affordable! Please pass along my many many thanks to the lady who made Devita .

  13. I wanted to let you know how much I love the Devita products! My favorites are the SeruGel and the Optimal Rejuvenation. There’s already a noticeable improvement in my skin. I also ordered the spot lightener for my Mom ( I told her to be patient) My daughter is using the UnderEye repair serum since she has dark circles from childhood asthma. Over the years I have spent way too much money on some very expensive products that did not produce the results that I’m already seeing with Devita.

  14. I am so impressed by your company’s commitment , right down to removing an ingredient that had to be irradiated because it went against your ethics. WOW! I’ve had such a positive experience with my skin since switching to Devita that I sent an email to all my friends this morning encouraging them to try your products. If any of them become Devita converts, it will be no credit of mine. Your products are amazing and can sell themselves. Thank you so much for caring to offer an outstanding product line that is truly natural,healthy and vegan!

  15. After about a week, the improvement is absolutely visable. I had cystic acne throughout most of my 20’s & early 30’s, I am now 34 and have some terrible scars. I am astonished to discover, after just over a week, that the scars are fading, my skin actually glows. I have no breakouts at all. My skin feels incredible. For the first time possibly since I started wearing make-up as a self conscious teenager, I don’t feel like I need to wear foundation,powder or any cover at all. I spent considerably more money than I usually budget for skincare, but this boost in self confidence is priceless!

  16. I love your product. I use it and have passed it onto my two teenage daughters. They are now addicted! We all have sensitive skin – Devita is what I have been seaching for, Kudos to a great product
    – Amy – Naples,FL

  17. I just had to tell you, I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your products,I cannot thank you enough for the high quality of all natural , pure products that you bring to us. With each product that I try you are definitely becoming my favorite

  18. I would like to say that I have never found a skincare product as nice as Devita. I will never use anything again. The fact that they don’t have all the ugly chemicals is a real plus. Thank you for such a nice line.

  19. I just needed to write to let you know that DeVita is the first and only skin care product that has EVER worked for me. I have battled acne since adolescence and as an adult found myself trying to care for that and my aging skin to no avail. I gave up the harsh skin treatments (poisons) as an adult and found that there was seemingly nothing natural that could deal with my problematic skin. Even using natural products, I had a recent skin eruption- perioral dermatitis. Back to the dermatologist I went where they diagnosed it and prescribed this and that and I just could not go through with their treatment plan. That is when I found DeVita through some online research. In a week after using your cleanser and moisturizer my dermatitis was cured, I had no acne flare ups and my skin was smoother than ever. I was amazed! The fact that it did not take drying my skin out to achieve this result was even more miraculous! It has been almost a year since I started using your products and I cannot believe that after a decade of searching for a natural product that could sooth my skin, I have found the perfect product. For those who understand what it is like to deal with facial skin issues, you can understand that this makes me emotional. I am so deeply thankful and relieved to find DeVita.
    Thank you so much!

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