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DeVita customer product reviews and testimonials are our most treasured thing!  We love to hear customer feedback.  Your product reviews and testimonials on our natural skin care range is truly the cornerstone and driving force behind much of our product development.  We take customer comments and opinions very seriously!  We use all your responses – both positive and negative to help us develop new products, inspire our research, determine a product’s success or shortcomings and guide our corporate culture and overall mission.

In short – your words matter!  You make a difference!  That is why we share input from customers just like you, right here.  So please, take a moment, and let us hear what you have to say about your experiences with our product.  Be sure to stay connected with us on our Facebook page, and our e-newsletter too, so that you can be included in our next formal product survey (you may even win a prize!)  – We truly want to hear what you have to say!


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  1. Product Review: Hyaluronic SeruGel 65% Serum
    Oh my gosh, I love this product!! Since Menopause, I have been having issues with products that I never had before. A friend of mine told me about this product, so I got the sample pack (great way to test these!!! thanks) and I have ordered more already!!. This ‘sample’ pack performed above average!!

  2. I am so glad I discovered Evening Rich. The moisturizer cleared up my skin and helped my skin retain much needed moisture. The best part of this product is that it is completely vegan. Thank you!

  3. This product was introduced to me in order to deal with acne and acne scaring. I’m an aesthetician so I have tried everything to improve my skin and control my acne on a daily basis and this serum has done wonders for my skin! I have seen an overall reduction in the frequency and severity of my breakouts. Plus the acne scarring I have accumulated is softening and brightening without having to opt for pricey laser treatments. Thanks, DeVita!

  4. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I just wanted to share my story and tell you how much I
    LOVE Devita. I tried absolute Base (New York) at the suggestion of a
    colleague, she and I are the same age and I always commented to her
    how great her skin looks. She told me about Devita and I knew I just
    had to give it a try. I had tried other powders, liquids, foams –
    just about every type of foundation out there and my skin always
    looked tired. I wasn’t sure how my skin would react to this type of
    powder “make-up”, I have oily skin, pores that I wish were smaller
    and battle the occasional blemish. But after using this amazing powder
    I have to be honest and say my 47 year old skin looks amazing (to me
    it’s never looked better). I get so many compliments on how great my
    skin looks (which always makes a girl feel good) and I really think
    it’s improved the overall appearance and texture of my skin. It’s
    so light that I don’t even know I have it on. My make-up routine
    always starts in the natural sun light, in front of a window. I work
    in the natural light so I want my make-up to be more natural looking.
    When I dust my face with the absolute Base powder it simply evens out
    my skin, it’s MAGIC! I just received my newest skin toy, Moisture
    Tints and can’t wait to get home and try it out (along with my
    SoftLines Eyeliner. Thank you Devita, thanks for giving me the skin
    that I’ve come to love.

  5. I must say that I absolutely adore the skincare from DeVita! I’m in my mid 20’s and have always had a few breakouts. I tried to find natural skincare that actually works as oppose to simply smelling great. My current beauty regime consists of Aloe Cleanser – great for removing eye and face makeup in one go! Followed by one of the the refreshing toners or salicylic acid pads for breakouts in the evening – a must for breakout-prone skin!

    At night, I use an Optimal Rejuvenation serum – my absolute favorite serum, gives that beautiful luster to the skin and is beyond hydrating. And the evening Rich cream which deserves a separate review because I can tell that my first frown wrinkles are less deep and visible in the morning only when I use that cream!!!!

    In the morning I use the eye cream- an absolute bargain as the gorgeous red bottle lasts for about 4-6 months, not to mention that ingredients are superb. And, most importantly, solar cream for face and neck. I believe that this cream has won a beauty award, it doesn’t streak with white stripes and is not too oily, I find it hydrating enough for my combination complexion.

    Overall, couldn’t be happier with the products and I encourage everyone to ask for skincare advice from the web representatives as they can often guide you toward the right product. I wasn’t sure how to take care of my skin with an array of different products from different brands but DeVita has helped me to find a great routine.

  6. Debbie Jennings

    OMG – I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the medium tint of the moisture tints – you have a new dedicated fan (and celebrity endorsement!)
    The amount of tint was just right, and the moisture was so nice and made my skin feel dewey and soft, not gooey or heavy.
    It made my skin glow and even made the little lines and pores disappear. This is a keeper!

    World's top 50 most beautiful woman

  7. I am a woman of color with blemish prone skin so it has been a challenge to find a natural/physical sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast on my face or that is too heavy and greasy…UNTIL…DeVita Solar Block!!! Wow, I truly believe my search is finally over! Please never discontinue this product.

  8. I started using Devita Solar Block after trying all of the natural suntan lotions available at Sprouts, and not being happy with any of them. It is not thick or white, like a lot of the products available. I bought some for my family and have been recommending it to all my friends.

  9. I am super picky about the things I buy, and it takes alot for me to say that I love something. That being said, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this sunscreen Solar Body Block SPF 30+!!!
    I am Indian, and I have skin that burns very easily in the sun and I am allergic to most sunscreen. I have searched FOREVER for the perfect sunscreen, and I am happy to say that this is it. This is an AMAZING product. It goes on light, like a moisturizer, and does not leave a white cast or clog pores. It absorbs in a few minutes and leaves my skin with a satiny finish.
    I purposely put this on before stepping out on a burning sunny day just to test it out. No burning, no sensitivity, no signs at all that I was in the sun at all. It completely protected my super sun-sensitive skin:) My search for the perfect sunscreen has come to an end, and i could not be happier.
    Customer Service Director spent so many days helping me and giving me as much information as possible. She answered every single question I had, and I am very grateful to her. I am a loyal customer for life:)

  10. I’m so excited!!! I cannot wait until the Moisture Tints are available!
    I have used the DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer (SPF 30+) for many
    years , and now that you are going to be having the tinted version, I
    can now not have to add a tinted foundation. After many many years of reading ingredients, I found your Solar Protective Moisturizer and have been very very happy with the
    results. DeVita products are AWESOME, and the ingredients are

  11. I have been a faithful Devita buyer for years . They are simply superior in ingredients . My skin feels like a baby , much younger than my age. I have just tried the absolute Base mineral powder foundation and it is fabulous . I have tried mineral powders before , but none has the great feel and look plus healthy ingredients as this one. I simply love the way it makes my skin feel and look. No cakey look .I hate to say this but the only complaint I have is the color does not match me perfect . I love this so much that I just use a color corrector and it works.
    thanks Devita for all the years I have bought your products and hopefully for all the future years too.

  12. I have rencetly purchased your products in a local salon from their esthetician and I have never been happier! I love the organic/vegan ingredients am seeing results immediately. I have tried so many products , being an esthetician myself and have never been happier than I am with your products. Thank you for bringing this wonderful line to us and for producing one that gives results on a few uses. Keep up the good work.
    – Debra – Alabama

  13. Devita has some amazing products, Devita-C Accelerator is one of them. I was hooked right away. I feel good knowing that my skin gets some extra benefits from a product with ingredients that I can pronounce. Devita products are an amazing deal for the money and the Devita-C is one of the tops on my list. I will repurcahsed this for sure.
    – Brenda

  14. I have tried lots of cleanser with only a few that have ever stood out as ones that actually clean and seem to make my skin feel soft, not stripped, and also remove my makeup well. Devita does that with this amazing gem of a cleanser
    – Brenda

  15. I have extremely blemished skin, and SPF’s are very hard to find for me. This one does a great job to keep my face moisturized without causing any breakouts. AMAZING product.

  16. Devita are a fantastic company to deal with. Very responsive to questions and Great products
    – Joshua Powell – Houston,TX

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