Recycle = Absolute Privilege Points

In an effort to reduce waste, we at DeVita Natural Skin Care have gone to great lengths to provide packaging, which is eco-chic. This beautiful packaging is made from 100% post recycled paper, PETG #1 home recyclable plastic, and certified non-leaching #2 recyclable tubes. Very few items will require special attention. We at DeVita will reward you for returning any used |absolute|minerals BLACK lids and compacts to us (only BLACK lids/compacts from our color cosmetic make-up line  – not applicable for our skin care line). We can recycle (but not reuse) them. Simply send us your empty DeVita |absolute|minerals cosmetics black lids and black compacts and receive 25 absolute privilege points.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Collect 5 |absolute|minerals color cosmetics lids or compacts from full-sized products
  2. Pack them in recyclable materials like paper or cardboard. Items sent in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other non-recyclable materials are not eligible for the rewards points.
  3. Include a note card with your e-mail address, and send the items to:

DeVita Natural Skin Care
1616 W. Williams Drive.
Phoenix, AZ 85027

When your package arrives, we’ll add your points to your account. And, of course, we’ll recycle all of the returned components.

Thank you for recycling!


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