The New Face of Make-up

The all new… all natural you.

Ladies, our time has come… For generations we have damaged, hindered, and all but ruined our complexions in the name of beauty.  Harsh, even dangerous chemicals and compounds are the status quo in mainstream cosmetics.  This reality has become a primary source of concern for women.   We say this should not be.  We should not have to sacrifice our health to enhance our beauty – we do not need to poison ourselves to be pretty!

It is this belief that has driven us to develop one of our greatest achievements – absolute minerals – DeVita’s all new, all natural, nature-inspired, health-infused alternative to common color cosmetics.

We feel every woman has her own beauty, and we want to enhance that, not cover it up.  We don’t believe in a preconceived notion of “beauty” based on what the media shows us 24-7.  Every woman holds claim to “beautiful” in her own right – we want to support that.  Using natural pigments and botanicals, DeVita has created a full line of age defying color cosmetics in an absolutely stunning array of colors with endless possibilities.  absolute minerals is an absolute must for today’s health conscious, beauty minded woman.  Stop punishing your skin and start pampering it today with absolute minerals!


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