The secret of flawless skin is out!

We all covet those with seemingly perfect skin.  How do they look so young? What prevents their skin from breaking out? How is it that their pores look non-existent?!

Well, the secret is out…

It’s aloe vera gel!  You’ll lose count of the benefits from this little plant. Water-based products just cannot keep the skin as healthy and youthful as ones based with this ingredient.

There are so many advantages to having aloe vera gel in your skin products, here are a few facts:

  • Aloe absorbs in the skin at 4x faster & 5x deeper than water.  (Think about this, if water had the same ability, we’d puff up like a grape in the shower)
  • Aloe has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
  • It helps prevent wrinkles and improves the look of fine lines.  Products with harsh chemicals only provide a temporary wrinkle fill and do nothing for prevention.
  • Healthy skin feeds on aloe.  We all know that aloe helps burns heal quicker; it’s widely marketed in stores and homeopaths snap the leaf right off and use it for burns right away.  But, did you also know, that your skin actually improves with the use of aloe vera gel based products?

DeVita Natural Skin Care is the first product line in the skincare industry to EXCLUSIVELY use aloe vera gel in every product: from skincare to makeup and baby care, this magic component performs in every one of DeVita’s products.

Try one (or 10!) of our amazing healthy skin products today.  Your skin will thank you.

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