The Zen of the Mask

Putting on a healthy face.


It’s no secret that women are natural multi-taskers, but they are also innate “multi-maskers.” Whether a mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, secretary, or CEO of a large firm, women change masks throughout the day to perform specific roles. While many women do not realize this transformation occurs, most would probably agree they feel weighed down by the multi-masks and tasks of their daily lives. As a result, the ‘real you’ is often indistinguishable and in need of resources to strip away the build-up and burdens of the day.

As we grow through all of life’s experiences, we learn to gather bits of our personality and mold them into task “masks”…a group of facial expressions, emotions, body language, and verbal expression for a particular person in a particular situation to successfully accomplish a task.

It is important, then, to have a tool which we can use to strip away the burdens of the day, renewing and revealing our core self. The tool? The Beauty Facial Mask. Facial masks force us to deep clean our skin, stripping away all of the physical leftovers of the day. Chemical build-up from make-up, daily excreted internal toxins and oils, and most especially pollens, pollution, and chemicals from our environment, sticks to the very pores on our face where skin respiration takes place. Once physically cleansed, our skin can then be layered with a mud mask for a psychological cleansing. Here are a few suggestions for cleansing away the multi-masks of your day:

Step I: Wash your face with a natural facial cleanser to open pores and remove make-up.

Step II: Sprits toner on face and neck to close pores, freshen, and neutralize the skin.

Step III: Run a warm bath. While tub is filling, apply a mud mask to your face to deep clean skin, remove chemical buildup from make-up, pollens, pollution, and the internal toxins and oils our bodies excrete each day.

Step IV: Allow the mud mask and soothing warm water to work their magic and uncover your core self.

To live life more fully, a life that is purposeful, we first need to know who we are and make choices based on this wisdom to experience a strong sense of freedom, joy, and inner peace, and we can heal our life.

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