Valentines Day 2012

Been thinking about Valentine’s Day – It‘s coming up soon, and in my opinion, it has the honor of being the first official “fun” holiday of the New Year (MLK day is good too, however it lacks the festive decor & chocolate – but it sure rocks if you had it off -Thx Dr. King!).

SO – Valentine’s Day is named after a collection of ancient Christian martyrs all named “Saint Valentine”, one of whom was supposed to have been 86’d on February 14th. Flash forward to our Hallmark/Russell Stover cellophane-wrapped version of this “holy” remembrance and ponder with me at how we morphed from honoring dead saints, to sending glittery cards of love, candy hearts and boxes of chocolate turtles! It’s amazing…!

Anyway – as I was looking into all things Valentine-y, I found out that there is actually a Valentine, Arizona (I did not know this – but it’s true – It’s off the old Route 66). Valentine, Arizona is just a blip on the map, which is why you pass right on by as you head to Vegas (cha-ching!). But since we make DeVita here in Arizona, I thought it was of note (ok – not a big note). And, truth be told, I also thought it was a fairly cool segue into mentioning all the Valentine Specials we are offering, in honor of all those dead saints (who could probably really use some good skin care by now!!!). So click here to check out our special treats so you can remember all the “saints” in your life this Valentine’s. And I promise – you won’t have to worry about your waistline when you indulge in DeVita! (also no glitter or candy hearts either!). Speaking of candy hearts – there will be enough produced this year to stretch from Valentine, Arizona to Rome, Italy and back 20 times!!! Now that’s a big note – Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo, DeVita

(source: National Confectioners Association)

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