• The absolute story about absolute minerals™

    Just great, healthy coverage you can count on… absolutely!   DeVita’s road to |ab●so●lute|minerals™ has been a long one to be sure – longer than anticipated, but in all honesty, our goal was not to rush to market with “just another mineral make-up line.”  We focused our concentration on creating the right mineral make-up line, […]

  • Fab Five Skin Care Tips

    Are your lifestyle choices sabotaging your skin?   Your skin is your largest organ and everything you do in your life eventually shows up there on display. All the imbalances, the fast food diet washed down with soda pop, the skipped veggies and fruits in favor of the donut and coffee, always being stressed and on […]

  • Topical Secrets Revealed

    Vitamin C… It’s not just for breakfast.   Unlocking Photo-Aging…Beyond the Photo in the Attic Photo-aging…it’s a word which conjures gothic images of hidden portraits in an attic which age in our stead. While this romantic notion is the fantasy of many women and men, the reality of our faces, the signature of our Self […]

  • The Zen of the Mask

    Putting on a healthy face.   It’s no secret that women are natural multi-taskers, but they are also innate “multi-maskers.” Whether a mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, secretary, or CEO of a large firm, women change masks throughout the day to perform specific roles. While many women do not realize this transformation occurs, most would probably agree […]

  • Natural Skin Care

    Guided by nature… driven by science. DeVita Natural Skin Care – the most advanced, certified organic aloe vera based, 100% vegan, paraben free, all natural skin care line available.  DeVita has answered the challenge of providing a synergy of quality and style on the outside, with the best of what nature and cosmetic science has […]

  • The New Face of Make-up

    The all new… all natural you. Ladies, our time has come… For generations we have damaged, hindered, and all but ruined our complexions in the name of beauty.  Harsh, even dangerous chemicals and compounds are the status quo in mainstream cosmetics.  This reality has become a primary source of concern for women.   We say this […]