Fall Greetings!

Anyone else struggling with how fast time is flying by? How did it go from “Happy Earth Day” to “Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Day”?!?  Seriously?  So okay, the holidays are upon us, whether we’re ready for them or not!

So way back in April (!), we had our Earth Day Tree People event. We were able to plant two groves of trees (each grove has five trees).  I’ve attached some photographs showing you our certificate honoring your support, and the plantings and such. We were very excited to be a part of the Earth Day event, and hope to do it again next year with even greater results. Mark your calendars for Earth Day 2014 and come help us plant even more trees!

Now back to Black Friday and Cyber Monday – I always struggle with these new “special” days, but they have become a fixture now. It’s great for sales and fun events, but it sometimes feels like they take the simple joys out of the holidays. But they do bring their own energy and excitement!  So we have embraced them, along with everyone else, and to that end, we are once again having another DeVita Black Friday – Cyber Monday Extravaganza!  We will be offering 30% off our entire website starting Black Friday and going through Cyber Monday!  Make sure to stop in to enjoy DeVita’s deepest discounts of the year!

Okay, now back to musing at the swiftly passing year!  2013 has been an especially busy one for DeVita. If you have been staying connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and getting our e-newsletters (hope you have been!), then you know that we are preparing to launch our brand-new baby line – Oh My DeVita Baby. We have been having so much fun giving birth to our cute little babies! They truly are a delight! We had so many of our DeVita fans ask us about doing a baby line, so we finally did it.  Now you and your baby & kids can enjoy safe, vegan, paraben free skincare!  Creating this new line has been quite involved.  We have had to create all new formulas, packaging, websites, Facebook page etc. etc. Hopefully you can find some time to visit our Oh My DeVita Baby Facebook page and give us a LIKE and share with your friends, Tweet etc – and watch for the website to go live. We are expecting a January 2014 delivery. I think right now we are experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions!

So as another roller coaster year rushes past, I think we all wish that we had somehow “felt” it more – relished it more. Paid more attention. Been more present. Today, being the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, it seems even more important.  The paying more attention part. Being more engaged. Because it really is so fleeting, this life that we all are blessed with. Such a brief time, and never knowing when our last curtain call will be. We really are just on loan to one another. So as we get ready to rush into yet another holiday season, and finish off another year, I wish for you (and me too!) more paying attention, more being present (less shopping for presents!), and more appreciation for the loved ones in your life and the simple pleasures of simply being.

Deep breath in, deep breath out – let the holiday madness begin!

xo, DeVita

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