Skin Care Resolutions 2016



Don’t you hate when you blink and all of a sudden the entire year is gone and now you have to make resolutions for the new year? We do too. But, we’re here to help!

We want to provide you with 7 simple (and realistic) skin care resolutions to keep you looking your absolute best while tackling the new year.

Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.
If you take anything away from this blog, this is the one thing we cannot stress enough! It’s a great defense to skin cancer & premature aging of your skin!

Drink water!

Not only is this just good for your overall health in general, but it’s going to be you’re a great base for hydrating your skin. Hydrated skin=happy skin.

Take off your makeup every night.

Let those pores breathe ladies & gents! Not washing off makeup or the pollutants that have attached to your skin throughout the day can cause premature aging of your skin.

Set up yearly skin/mole checks.

Skin cancer rates are on the rise. Need I say more?

Exfoliate on the reg!

Once or twice a week will do the trick to get rid of those pesky dry skin cells on the surface of your skin. Plus! It’ll help your skin to be able to absorb any treatment products you use following the exfoliation. Win-win!

Clean those makeup brushes.

Ideally? Everyday. Realistically? Once every 1-2 weeks.

Go non-toxic!

Your skin is the biggest organ on your body and it absorbs so much of what it is exposed to. If you are rubbing chemicals on your skin you can bet that some are being absorbed into your body as well.  If we care so much about what goes into our body we should care just as much about what goes on it!

Happy Resolutioning!

xo, Bree.

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