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Why the 2016 Oscars Should be on Your Lips! [Part 2]

Why the 2016 Oscars Should be on Your Lips! [Part 2]


The talk on everyone’s lips is yesterday’s 2016 Oscars! What designer was she wearing? Did you see her hair and makeup? The nominees’ hair, makeup and wardrobe are talked about as much as the movies the actresses are nominated for. I love the Oscars because I love film. I specifically love watching actresses transform from one role to the next. One of the simplest ways to transform a character, and your mood, is a change of lipstick. Here are my three favorite Oscar nominees and what their lips are saying during their performances. It’s also a reason, why they should be on your lip!

Cate Blanchett in Carol is The Forbidden Red Woman

This movie was a time piece set in New York City in the ’50s. This was a very romantic time when women wore furs, had flawless hair and sipped martinis with perfect red lips. The film was about a secret, very forbidden love affair between two women. One of them (Cate Blanchett), was married with a daughter, which complicated the situation.

My favorite line in the movie: “Things always come full circle.” My response: red lipstick is never old and always new, and that’s the circle!”