Winterize your Skincare Routine!

Wintertime holds the magic of the first snow, the comfort of soups and hot beverages, and the hope that is in the fresh start of the New Year – unfortunately, it also comes with frigid temperatures, shorter days, and of course, the dreaded dry skin.

When the temperature begins to drop and humidity levels are low, our skin cries out to us in the form of cracked heels, split knuckles, and rough spots on our elbows and knees. The lack of moisture in the air is so harsh on our skin, not to mention some of these ailments can be unsightly and thus have a crack at our confidence as well!

We totally understand how difficult the winter season can make it to look your best (especially following the holiday binge eating and hosting relatives and everything in between) so we want to help you winterize your skincare routine to help keep you moisturized and rejuvenated throughout this snowy season!

  • Switch out your regular cleanser for a moisturizing creme cleanser to help hydrate your skin while still removing makeup and pollutants from the day!
  • Like cleansers, many makeup removers will strip our skin of moisture, so be sure to use a moisturizing makeup remover to get your skin clean & fresh!
  • Treat your skin with a heavier moisturizer to combat the dry air that winter brings.
  • Be sure to exfoliate 1-2 times a week to get rid of dead skin – this will help your moisturizer & treatments absorb into your skin as well!
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